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ys-POC, your Smart Pump Off Control Affordable and Reliable rod pump protection.

Keep It Simple.

iq--(2)We have all heard of the KISS approach to different aspects of our lives, Oil & Gas Production is no different. High dollar complex control schemes are out there and many work and work very well. And they are what they are, a high dollar investment and complex to use. What should be your main considerations when purchasing a controller?

1. It needs to do what it says it will do.

Evernote-Camera-Roll-201604a. With over 600 installations in Michigan and Texas just in the last 3 years, repeat purchases tell the story. And the same Smart Time technology employed in over 2000 submersible pump applications in twelve of our United States we feel the testing has gone well.

2. It needs to be economical.

a. The KISS approach inherently keeps costs low. Available in two models the ys-POC can be purchased in a complete motor starter cabinet or as an add on controller taking advantage of an existing motor starter or variable frequency drive. In most cases the major components of your existing control can be utilized with the add on controller.

3. It needs to be easy to use and maintain.

iq--(1)a. Set it and forget it? Well we might not be quite there yet, but we are pretty close! Yes the operator will still need to be involved as is the case with any pump controller. But truly, the interface is easy to use and understand.

b. In the vast majority of cases maintenance is limited to periodic calibration which is performed with a single “Calibration” button on the user interface. Large changes in weather conditions such as extreme cold can affect the motor load requiring calibration of the system. Also ice and snow build up on the pump jack skid, loose or worn drive belts can affect performance. But again, these are basic maintenance issues involved with any pump jack installation.

iq--(3)c. Two modes of operation. If the ys-POC needs more attention than just a simple calibration there is a recycle timer option. Simply set the recycle on and off times and the controller can keep your well running until more detailed troubleshooting can be performed.

Smart Time technology takes the guess work out of cycling.

iq-(4)Conventional pump jack control applications that depend on operator intervention are more likely to run too much, rather than run too little. This tends to be the case because a drop in gas production can be seen almost immediately (caused by too little run time) while undue wear and tear on the pump (caused by too much run time) takes time to become evident.

Smart Time technology runs your pump while it needs to be run and learns its own off time, keeping your water below the production zone while eliminating dry run conditions.

What should you expect from the ys-POC?

1. Reliable, almost hands free operation.
2. Maximized gas production.
3. Lowered maintenance costs. Your pumps are going to last longer!
4. Lower cost of ownership. Less run time equals lower electric bills!

What you should not expect from a ys-POC.

1. The ys-POC will not repair a worn or damaged pump. If your rod pump is already worn or damaged now is not the time for ys-POC implementation. Far and away the best success is going to be through careful consideration of the current run time on the pump and its current condition.

2. The purpose of the ys-POC is to keep your water level below the production zone while eliminating dry run conditions. In doing so you should expect to see your gas production at the very least maintained, gas production increases do happen, but should not be expected.

First Class Service and Support.

There are many solutions to artificial lift controls on the market today; we believe ours is one of the best in the industry. Why? First we believe in our product. It is a low cost simple solution to a high dollar long time problem, running your pumps dry. But there is another reason we have success with our control solutions and it too is simple but often times is forgotten by large impersonal corporations, We Work Together with our customers, pump distributors and installation crews to form a cooperative team looking for one common goal to lower maintenance costs and maximize gas production as efficiently and affordably as possible. When your IQPC controller is installed, we are on site with you. When you request service we are onsite with you. If you call for phone support you will talk to the man who installed your system, not a sales person looking at the same manual you already have. We want to earn your trust and we believe there is no better way of doing that than by being there when you need us and doing what we say we will do!

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