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About ten years ago, an electrical contractor was asked to come up with a way to control the new (at the time) submersible pumps being tried out in the field, in lieu of rod pumps.  The rod pumps were notorious for their high maintenance demands and short life.  At that time, we at Alpine Electric in Traverse City, Michigan began work on creating a control that might solve this dilemma.

We were asked to see if there would be a way to at least keep these pumps in the ground for a year.  Well, out of this request, a new division of our company and a greatly improved controller was born. Through this division, IQ Process Control, we are currently making controllers for customers who tell us they’ve got an average run time of 5 ½ years with our product.  In fact, we know of pumps that have been in the ground for 10 years.  In working closely with our customers over the past ten years, we feel that we now offer one of the best dewatering controllers on the market.  We pride ourselves in taking cues from the changing needs of our customers in the field and listening closely to their requirements and opinions.

We realize that each customer and each well is different; that’s why our controllers come with a user-friendly, site-flexible operating system.  Try our IQ Smart Drive and take advantage of the years of experience that has shaped our product.  We guarantee ours is the last controller you’ll buy!

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Smart Drive

Smart Drive

Once our stand-alone drive is set up in the field and tailored to the individual well characteristics, it will begin to learn the flow recovery rates of the well and begin self-adjusting until it understands the well's inflow patterns.

Smart Drive Plus

Smart Drive

Our Smart Drive Plus offers all the same features as our Smart Drive, with some added elements to enhance its value. It also learns the flow recovery rates of the well and begins self-adjusting until it understands the well's inflow patterns.