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For over ten years, IQ Process Control has been developing a reliable ESP control system for our customers.  Because, when it comes to dewatering solutions – we are innovators.  Over the years, we have refined our system through customer needs and requests, and through our own hands-on experience in the field.  Try our IQ Smart Drive or IQ Smart Drive Plus and we’ll earn your trust, guaranteed.

We’d like to be your consultant in process control, and we invite your suggestions anytime.  In fact, that’s exactly how we’ve managed to build the best artificial lift controller out there.  By listening to our customers’ praises and criticisms, we’ve been developing our IQ Smart Drive and Smart Drive Plus to make them the easiest, most trouble-free drives in the business.

Our control systems contain the most up to date technology, protecting your equipment before damage happens.  From Load Stabilization Control and Transient Voltage Surge Suppression, to a user friendly interface with customer support available 8am to 4:30pm M-F, EST (emergency service is also available); our goal is a dependable and worry-free system for you.

So, whatever your area of need is, from coal bed methane, shale gas or ground water clean up projects, to beam pumps, disposal wells or other necessary waterflood work, IQ Process Control is prepared to serve your business.  Contact us for a quote today.

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Smart Drive

Smart Drive

Once our stand-alone drive is set up in the field and tailored to the individual well characteristics, it will begin to learn the flow recovery rates of the well and begin self-adjusting until it understands the well's inflow patterns.

Smart Drive Plus

Smart Drive

Our Smart Drive Plus offers all the same features as our Smart Drive, with some added elements to enhance its value. It also learns the flow recovery rates of the well and begins self-adjusting until it understands the well's inflow patterns.